This post is part 2/3 of Jaedeanne’s blog, chronicling Day Three of her week at CSC.  Come back for the final installation next week!

IMG_0980 (1)We begin the morning bright and early at CSC.  I’ve made friends with a few of the kiddos in the pediatric eye ward –every time they see me, they run out of the ward and hang on my leg and giggle while I try to walk around.  It completely fills my heart to see these little ones smile and laugh, but makes me miss my sweet daughter who is on the other side of the world.  I wonder what she would think if I were ever able to bring her to Cambodia on a return trip – I add this to my bucket list.

I spend the morning viewing the post-op follow-up visits, popping into a few surgeries to observe, and working on a training presentation that I have been asked to deliver.  The staff at CSC does their very best with the limited resources they have to keep things sterile and prevent contamination.  An opportunity for improvement had been identified from the last team of surgeons that they could benefit from a greater level of focus on personal hygiene.  I put together a PowerPoint presentation with information from the World Health Organization about proper hand-washing techniques, the importance of the use of hand sanitizer or latex gloves between patient examinations, and how contamination can be spread.  During the presentation, I deliver the material on the slide and then one of the nurses translates everything into Khmer.  It seems to be well received, and they all pass around a bottle of hand sanitizer and laugh.  Afterward, I IMG_0911have a few people come up to me with questions and requests for more information.  My first training session in Cambodia is a success!



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