Medical Student Information

Dear Students,

Thank you for your interest in our organization! You can find out more about us by reading the CSC Visitor Guide and learn more about Cambodia in one of the guide books, such as the Lonely Planet series.

We receive a lot of enquiries and just do not have the time or resources to answer numerous emails. Please do as much independent research as possible before contacting us with questions.

We only do surgery (not internal medicine, paediatrics, emergency medicine, etc.) and due to high demand, will only accept students who intend to be surgeons after graduation. Anyone coming to us needs a personal reference from a surgeon.

There is no fee for medical electives, however, CSC expects all students to follow our policies and time commitment.

Those who want to spend time with us at CSC MUST:

  • Intend to become a surgeon after graduation and send an accompanying reference from a surgeon
  • Commit to a MINIMUM of 6 weeks with us
  • Be able to work independently of anyone who might accompany them
  • Be in the final year of their degree
  • Send us a copy of their CV at and letter of reference from a surgeon
  • When sending us your CV and a Letter of Reference, please also let us know which area of CSC’s services interests you most (e.g. orthopedics, ophthalmology, ENT, etc)

If you are keen to seeing non-surgical healthcare in Cambodia, we recommend: