Mark Moser

Dr. Mark Moser MD FRCPC


Mark is a now retired anesthesiology and intensive care physician. He has experience in academic practice, private practice and medical administration. He has supported and worked for CSC for twenty plus years.

Jim Gollogly

Dr Jim Gollogly


Jim is a British-American surgeon and first came to Cambodia in the early 1990s for a six-month assignment with the American Red Cross. Soon after, he established a charity treating land-mine injuries from the war, and then Children's Surgical Centre, which he has run for over 25 years.

Kanyapak Reinvetch

Kanyapak Reinvetch


Kanyapak is a multilingual Thai/Khmer business woman with a financial banking degree from Siam University, Thailand. She worked as an accountant in several banks and businesses in Thailand and Cambodia before joining CSC as Chief Financial Officer in 2000. She lives with her husband and 2 youngest children in Phnom Penh, where she has a wide range of friends, colleagues and acquaintences.

Jim Carmichael

Jim Carmichael


Jim has a wide background of experiences, from finance, marina and forest industries, and also worked as a helicopter pilot. He currently lives in Alaska and has been a board member of CSC for over 25 years and is the current secretary.

Massey Beveridge

Dr. Massey Beveridge BA, M.Phil, MD, FRCSC, DTM&H, FCS(ECSA)


Massey is a retired general surgeon and assistant professor of surgery at the University of Toronto. His experience includes war surgery, trauma, burns, teaching and research and he has published widely on the treatment of burns in developing countries. He began teaching burn reconstruction at CSC in 2000 and have been a member of the Board since 2002.

Michael Irwin

Professor Michael Irwin


Mike works in the department of anaesthesiology at the University of Hong Kong. He is Past President of the Society of Anaesthetists of Hong Kong and of the Hong Kong College of Anaesthesiology. He has published more than 300 articles in peer reviewed scientific journals and editor of Anaesthesia, Perioperative Medicine, Expert Opinion on Pharmacotherapy and senior editor of the HK Medical Journal.

Saqib Noor

Dr Saqib Noor


Saqib is a trauma and orthopaedic surgeon and has worked and trained as a surgeon on five continents, with significant time spent training in South Africa, Cambodia, Australia, Canada, and the UK. Currently, he is working clinically at the Children's Surgical Centre. He is also the founder of the global surgery web platform, One.Surgery, and has a passion for design,  innovation, and disruptive technology.

Mood Bhutta

Professor Mood Bhutta


Mood is Chair in ENT Surgery at Brighton & Sussex Medical School and honorary consultant to the WHO Programme for the Prevention of Deafness and Hearing Loss. He has a clinical and academic interest in the management of chronic otitis media, capacity development in low resource settings, and sustainable health systems.