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February 18 2024

Global Children’s Surgery Day

Global Children's Surgery Day is February 26. Join us in advocating for elimination of disparities

From the ward
February 16 2024

CSC Impact on Medical Training

A passion is ignited to continue the mission of CSC

Cambodian culture
February 9 2024

Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year

February 7 2024

CSC & Hearing-Impaired Kids

Outreach Program for Children Conducted by CSC's ENT Staff

February 1 2024

CSC Celebrates Women in Medicine

International Day of Women and Girls in Science, 11 February

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January 25 2024

CSC Earns Transparency Seal

CANDID/Guidestar awards the Platinum Seal of Transparency to CSC

January 24 2024

“Instrumental” donor support

CSC staff receive training program to strengthen surgical instrument care

January 19 2024

An eye-opening experience!

Reflections on my journey as a CSC medical student

January 15 2024

Welcome Dr Linda Eye Surgeon

CSC Eye Surgery Welcomes New Eye Surgeon

From the ward
January 12 2024


Dr. Masa knows how to throw a party!

From the ward
January 7 2024

Congratulations Dr Chris!

Friend of CSC ENT Dept. Receives Doctorate

Cambodia and beyond
January 2 2024

Happy New Year-We just turned 25!

Happy New Year - CSC Turns 25

From the ward
December 26 2023

Santa Visits CSC

Santa Visits Children's Surgical Centre to bring joy to hospitalized Cambodians and their families

December 23 2023

Holiday Greetings from CSC

Happy Holidays from CSC

From the ward
December 20 2023

Old calendar = Creative fun

Old calendars produce a creative morning for the children in the Paediatric ward

December 13 2023

Community Giving Shines!

Local philanthropy is alive and well in our community

From the ward
December 6 2023

Stories from the Ward

Hope for a young father to work with his hands again

From the ward
December 2 2023

For those who need it most..

A volunteer's thoughts about the impact of CSC to help disabled Khmers

From the ward
November 27 2023

Physiotherapy at CSC

The importance of financial support for rehabilitation at CSC

November 23 2023

Thank you Australia!

Australian friends donate money, medicine and supplies to CSC this week

Cambodian culture
November 23 2023

CSC closed for Water Festival

CSC closed for 2023 Water Festival

Patient stories
November 20 2023

World Disability Day 03 Dec

December 3 is International Day of Disabled Persons 2023

From the ward
November 15 2023

Austrian nurses visit CSC

Austrian nurses visit CSC to learn from CSC staff on wound care and complex orthopedic surgeries

November 10 2023

Halloween Fun!

Halloween Fin at CSC

From the ward
November 9 2023

CSC in the Phnom Penh Post

CSC partners with Persons With Disabilities Foundation this month

November 7 2023

A cleft is not a disability!

CSC surgeons attend Cleft Surgery workshop in Taipei

From the ward
November 7 2023

Dr. Davy’s TV interview

Dr. Davy ENT is interviewed on TV to talk about hearing disorders in Cambodia

From the ward
November 2 2023

Specialty surgeons visit CSC

Surgeons from around the world visit CSC this week to work with our staff doctors in reconstructive microsurgery

From the ward
October 26 2023

My visit to CSC – Kate Atkinson

A New Orthopaedic Fellow for 2024!

October 24 2023

Steel-eyed and steady ……

French maxillofacial team returns to CSC in November

From the ward
October 16 2023

Physical Therapy Month!

We recognize the rewarding work of our staff to improve the mobility of disabled Cambodians

October 4 2023

Makro Visits CSC!

Last week, Makro paid a visit to the hospitalized children at CSC.

Cambodian culture
October 2 2023

Pchum Ben Festival

Pchum Ben holiday closing

Patient stories
September 22 2023

A Success Story for Ratha

Ratha has a success story and a hopeful future, thanks to donors like you

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September 11 2023

Why I Support CSC

An American volunteer at CSC explains why she keeps coming back

From the ward
August 31 2023

Every day is a school day!

Reflections by Puei, our Orthopaedic Fellow's First Two Weeks at CSC

August 3 2023

National Eye Exam Month

August is National Eye Exam month

August 2 2023

Vulnerable populations and surgical care

Global health practice to improve health and achieve health equity for all worldwide

Cambodian culture
July 29 2023

An Ode To Phnom Penh

Will, a visiting medical student, describes the joy of Phnom Penh through all it's magical scenes

July 26 2023

Will and Ailene complete a half-marathon for CSC!

Will and Ailene run the Wimbledon half-marathon for CSC

July 26 2023

Thank you Biocomposites!

Biocomposites, a pioneering company in the UK, donates Stimulan to help CSC treat bone infections

July 22 2023

Reflecting on my time in Cambodia and CSC

Will Wong, a final year medical student from the UK, looks back at his time at CSC and the life changing experience

From the ward
July 19 2023

Meet Rathanak, age 5

You can help invest in the future of Cambodian children

July 15 2023

Trauma and Disability

Will, a visiting medical student to CSC, reflects on the volume of traumatic injuries seen at CSC

From the ward
July 10 2023

CSC welcomes UOM Audiology

Make a difference and bring the joy of sound back into the lives of Cambodian people.

July 8 2023

Remembering My Steps to CSC

Will Wong, a visiting medical student, remembers arriving in Cambodia and CSC for the first time!

Cambodia and beyond
July 5 2023

Cleft lip & palate month: July

July is Cleft and Craniofacial Awareness and Prevention Month.

July 3 2023

Thank You WIGs!

Women's International Group, Cambodia has provided CSC with funding to help treat children with deformities

June 28 2023

Musings of a med student

The importance of developing resourcefulness and adaptability in a developing country

Patient stories
June 20 2023

Big smiles on small lips!

It's hard to be sick, it's even worse when you can't afford any care