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From the ward
March 31 2023

The Operating Room at CSC

The operating room in the Children’s Surgical Centre is a space where people’s lives are changed.

Cambodian culture
March 26 2023

Walking down Road 6A to CSC

My daily walk to and from CSC gives me an insight into what life is like in Phnom Penh and how it is changing.

Donor portal
March 23 2023

Staff photography competition!

CSC had a photography competition to celebrate the launch of our new blog and donor portal!

From the ward
March 23 2023

Eyes, Vision and the Children’s Surgical Centre

The ophthalmology department treats both young and old with vision problems.

March 21 2023

Amazing CSC docs!

Doctor's day is the 30th March 2023. We take a moment just to showcase some of our wonderful doctors at CSC!

From the ward
March 16 2023

The Courtyard Outside CSC

The CSC Courtyard: An area for patients, their families and the staff to enjoy. A place of fun, peace and food!

March 15 2023

Celebrate Doctors Day on March 30

At CSC, we honor physicians for the work you do for patients, the communities you work in, and for society as a whole.

March 14 2023

Surgical Trainees at CSC

CSC helps train a number of trainee surgeons from across Cambodia throughout the year in many specialities.

March 10 2023

French ENT Team Visits CSC

Dr. Jean-Baptiste and others return to CSC to mentor our local ENT Khmer surgeons

Cambodia and beyond
March 10 2023

Legacy of the Khmer Rouge

The impact of war and the Khmer Rouge regime can still be felt in Cambodia and at CSC.

March 8 2023

International Women’s Day

Dr. Davy is CSC's chief ENT surgeon, part of the all-female team of our ear nose and throat staff.

March 5 2023

CSC Donor portal is now live!

CSC has launched a brand new, innovative web platform, bringing donors to the front line of our team!

Patient stories
March 3 2023

Support World Birth Defects Day!

Help CSC to correct congenital disabilities in Cambodia

From the ward
March 3 2023

The Animals at CSC!

A variety of friendly furry animals, big and small, roam around the happy grounds of CSC.

February 28 2023

SEE International Returns!

CSC Eye Surgery welcomes Dr. Kevin and Dr. Mark back to Cambodia, with many patients waiting for them!

Cambodian culture
February 27 2023

Lunch at CSC!

Lunch plays an important part of each day at the Children’s Surgical Centre. Will shares his experiences.

February 23 2023

Hikarikanata Foundation visit

CSC Eye Surgery Department welcomes the visit of the Hikarikanata Foundation, one of our generous donors

February 1 2023

A busy week!

It's been a busy week so far at Children's Surgical Centre after the Chinese New Year! Welcome back!

January 27 2023

A new security guard!

Due to budget cuts, Children's Surgical Centre has had to become inventive with its new security system!

January 19 2023

Thank you Weisang

Weisang, our orthopaedic Kadoorie fellow, leaves after being with us for a whole year! Good luck!

January 18 2023

After a long day coding

After a long day coding, Dr Saqib takes a much needed break from it all! Not so traditional massage ensues...

January 12 2023

Meet Mr. Phea

Mr Phea has been a dedicated physiotherapist at CSC for over a decade, improving each patient's every step...

Patient stories
January 9 2023

Delayed presenting clubfoot

Theara is a 19-year-old student in the 12th grade from Cambodia who has lived with untreated club feet for 19 years...

Patient stories
January 5 2023

Traumatic cataract

Piseth has eye surgery at CSC to improve his vision after an unfortunate accident, resulting in a cataract...

January 2 2023

Welcome Dr. Rotnak

We have a new medical joining our anaesthesia team at CSC! Welcome Dr. Rotnak!

December 20 2022

Thank you, Dr. Abhineet

Dr. Abhineet volunteered from India to come share his expertise with the CSC ENT team...

Patient stories
December 12 2022

I used to be a patient at CSC

Theara is a 19-year-old student in the 12th grade from Cambodia who has lived with untreated club feet for 19 years...