Post-op care

Nursing care


After surgery, patients can stay as in-patients to optimise recovery, including treatments such as intra-venous medications, wound care and analgesia.




CSC has many inpatients, some staying for several months. For example, correcting bilateral club feet with external frames requires daily treatment for several weeks or months, along with extensive physiotherapy.

Our physiotherapy department operates in a part of the main building. The staff have received postgraduate training from overseas experts who frequently come with various visiting teams and help to update post-operative treatment.


Speech therapy 

Our Speech Therapy Department works closely with cleft lip and palate patients of all ages as well as their family members to ensure long-term health including speech development and correction. Our therapist has received training and certification in Taiwan and from visiting specialists from the UK and is also educated in child psychology. Between appointments, the department can be a playroom for young inpatients in order to stimulate creativity and development.