Holiday Greetings from CSC

December 23, 2023

This year marks our 25th anniversary of providing free surgical care to the impoverished people in Cambodia and is an opportunity to reflect on the remarkable journey we have been on together with our donors over these years.
As a surgical charity, we have now completed almost 100,000 surgeries while continuing to expand our services to meet the most critical needs of our patients. Furthermore, we have remained dedicated to improving healthcare standards in the country through our active training of Khmer healthcare professionals. Over the years, we have welcomed international surgeons from all over the world to contribute to surgical training at CSC, and it has been an immense privilege to have contributed to the development of talented Khmer surgeons in Cambodia for an entire generation.
CSC now looks brightly to the coming years ahead. Despite the evolving healthcare provisions within Cambodia, we are still seeing desperate surgical pathology of Cambodian patients daily. By being here, CSC continues to make a huge impact on the lives of others, and we know our role here is still needed for many years to come. We still need your ongoing love and support to help us provide this care.

To connect deeper with our donors, we are excited to announce our exciting online donor platform, which allows every donor to have an account directly with CSC and engage with our team. Amazingly, you'll also be able to follow the progress of your specific donation, receiving updates and stories from us, whenever and wherever we spend your donation.  Your donation comes directly to us, with minimal administrative or overhead costs, meaning your money instantly reaches the front line of patient care in Cambodia and makes an immediate impact. You'll also be able to download a thank-you letter and invoice for your donation, allowing for tax-deductible status in the USA - so for those yet to contribute to your chosen charity for 2023, there are still 11 days remaining to partner with CSC!
Please join us on this new donor platform at so that we can continue our critical work for the next generation to come. We would love to have you with us!
Also, if you have some moments, please let your friends and family know about CSC. We would love for you to share the stories of our work here. You can link to our social media pages or check out our frequent blog posts on Facebook by visiting
Thank you again for your support over the last 25 years and for the years ahead!
May your days be filled with joy, your hearts with peace, and your spirits with happiness!

The Children's Surgical Centre Staff

Author: Ellen Interlandi

Ellen, a registered nurse, and her husband Brian, an anesthesiologist, have been active volunteers at CSC since 2008. Ellen has undergraduate degrees in both Nursing and Spanish Literature, and a graduate degree in Health Management. Since 2020, Ellen has volunteered in the role of Stakeholder Relations, connecting with our generous supporters, interacting with visiting surgeons and students, and disseminating updates on Children's Surgical Centre.

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