Meet Rathanak, age 5

July 19, 2023

Rathanak lives with his parents in Prey Veng province. Both his mom and dad work as rice farmers, and in the slower season, they also harvest corn and mangoes. He loves playing in the pond in his village and eating ice cream. He is excited to start kindergarten this autumn. Last year, he accidentally spilled a boiling pot of rice water on his right leg and ankle. Burn scar contractures have developed, tightening the skin around the burns. It was difficult for him to walk and he was in pain. When his parents learned about the care available at CSC,  they traveled for two and a half hours where surgeons performed a burn contracture release surgery and skin graft to improve the function of his leg and help him walk more easily.  With the financial help of our partner Watsi, Rathanak underwent surgery and was very courageous around the masked faces of many strangers. His incision will initially be treated for wound healing and infection prevention, but as the healing process progresses, the physiotherapy team will work with his parents to increase his range of motion, reduce stiffness, and strengthen his muscles. Rathanak eagerly anticipates the day when he can walk without any discomfort, just like the other kids. He looks forward to being fully ready for his first day of school. Please help CSC continue our mission by making a donation so we can help more children.

Author: Ellen Interlandi

Ellen, a registered nurse, and her husband Brian, an anesthesiologist, have been active volunteers at CSC since 2008. Ellen has undergraduate degrees in both Nursing and Spanish Literature, and a graduate degree in Health Management. Since 2020, Ellen has volunteered in the role of Stakeholder Relations, connecting with our generous supporters, interacting with visiting surgeons and students, and disseminating updates on Children's Surgical Centre.

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