Kindness changes lives

May 30, 2023
I spontaneously travel to Cambodia to visit NGO hospitals. I was very moved to see the Children's Surgical Centre treating many underprivileged patients with congenital defects, cancers and other serious accident injuries. Many complicated cases are common here, which are less seen in many developed countries. However, we live in the same world.

Sad to see so many people here needing a chance to live a better quality life but having to live with such physical defects. Kindness circulates in the universe.

Happiness is not just that we live better, but it is multiplied when seeing these less fortunate people having the chance to improve their basic quality lives.
I am glad that CSC has been making the world a better place.
Kindness can change the course of someone's life. They deserve to live normally. Give them a chance.

Author: Kindness Changes Lives

Kindness Changes Lives (KCL) visited the Children's Surgical Centre in 2022 and since then, has been a passionate supporter and advocate for the work CSC does. She wrote a few words about the experience here.

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