Staff photography competition!

March 23, 2023

To celebrate the launch of our new donor portal and blog, we had a staff photo competition to unearth some budding photographers amongst our staff! It was exciting to see the enthusiasm from everyone, and some great photo entries came in! Even Dr. Jim entered with multiple photos!

Our featured image for this blog post is one of my personal favourites entries, taken by Soun Sila – I just love the contrast of light and dark through a light box (yes I am biased as an orthopaedic surgeon!). However, the winner of our inaugral competition was an entry from Im Panha, with a photo of ants outside, with the title of the piece “Working non-stop”, a very clever metaphorical description of just how hard the CSC staff work!

The third photo here is also a favourite of mine, taken by Dr Samnang, of the activities within the OR!There was some other amazing photos which I hope to share over time and we also1 hope to continue running the photo competition, and getting more content from our staff into the blog regularly! Thank you again for supporting CSC and the donor portal.

Author: Saqib Noor

Saqib Noor is a British paediatric orthopaedic surgeon, currently working at Children’s Surgical Centre, and a board member of CSC. He is the creator of the CSC web donor portal, and also dabbles in multiple other web-based global surgery and non-surgical projects! He is passionate about improving trauma and orthopaedic care for those in the world without access to safe surgery.

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