The Power Of Teaching

May 10, 2023

The power of teaching at CSC is captured in this photograph of Dr. Lee VanRensburg sharing his expertise with Cambodian medical students and our surgical residents. As he explains the intricacies of fracture healing, keen interest is visible on their faces, a testament to the importance of visitors sharing their knowledge with healthcare professionals in Cambodia.


This exchange of knowledge not only benefits the trainees but ultimately translates into improved patient outcomes in a country where the healthcare system faces numerous challenges. The image reminds us of the transformative impact of education and collaboration in global health.

Author: Saqib Noor

Saqib Noor is a British paediatric orthopaedic surgeon, currently working at Children's Surgical Centre, and a board member of CSC. He is the creator of the CSC web donor portal, and also dabbles in multiple other web-based global surgery and non-surgical projects! He is passionate about improving trauma and orthopaedic care for those in the world without access to safe surgery.

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